Tiger leads us in first year of the new decade

Introducing the Power Animal for 2020 -- TIGER


I first thought it was Cat. It’s in the same family—but no—the power animal spirit to draw on in 2020 for the collective is Tiger.

According to Chinese astrology, Tiger earned each of its stripes from the animals it conquered as guard of heaven sent down to protect people against wild animals. It’s for this reason that Tiger  holds the feline category in the twelve zodiac signs of Chinese astrology. Lion is not king there.

The main qualities Tiger offers us are intelligence, strength and courage.

Known to have many healing properties, Tiger symbolizes agility, confidence, sensuality, and vitality. Tiger’s senses are very sharp.

We’re to be like Tiger, keen observers especially in times of decision-making. We’re to take the time to consider consequences, and strategize our movements. Tiger  will help us take initiative, however, 2020 is not a year for rash decisions.

We’re asked to observe our thoughts and reactions. Itself an unpredictable power when hunting, Tiger will assist us in dealing with others’ and our own unpredictability, as well as the unpredictable times we are in. Tiger helps us not panic, face situations head on, and overcome challenges, fears and obstacles with cautious determination, tireless discipline and willpower.

The shadow side of Tiger reveals an angry and aggressive nature, and I feel this is the side of ourselves we’re called to be mindful of and keep in check. Not to say we don’t have a right to feel the way we do but let anger be short-lived as is Tiger’s. Like the Tiger, we can reclaim our place of power by being patient with ourselves and others.

We can draw on the power and bravery of Tiger when we feel challenged in speaking our truth on important matters. This could be in the workplace where Tiger—although an adaptable creature—is happiest when stimulated.

Unafraid to stand alone,Tiger strength can help us break free from co-dependency tendencies. 

Draw on Tiger’s enthusiasm for life, stay present, aware, and use your power for good. With more power comes greater responsibility, something Tiger is happy to teach us.

Tiger—not unlike all the other animal spirits—wants to remind us to make time for play.

We have a very courageous intelligent animal that’s stepped up to lead us into the first year of the new decade.

Welcome Tiger—a powerful ally for 2020—with appreciation and love. 

Jocelyne LeBlanc

Shamanic & Reiki Practitioner

Holistic Health & Wellness and

Holistic Weight Loss Coach