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Are you ready and willing to connect to your Soul's highest potential through healing?


If you need—or have tried—to get help for bothersome issues but have yet to find any resolution, you’re at the right place.

Coming strictly from a place of Love and non-judgement of Soul, root causes of problems are identified, the energetic body is cleared and re-balanced, and strategies are developed and implemented for the maintenance of balance, flow and harmony.

Healing is a profound journey unique to each individual, and usually depends on how much of an active role we're willing and prepared to take.


Soul In Fusion offers to go the distance with you.

Depending on the exact issue(s) we're dealing with, healing could be like a walk in the park for some, but for others, it will take some work, time and dedication. 

YOU are more than worth the effort as there is the possibility of a much more fulfilling life with few complaints in the experience of self-love.

Soul In Fusion is dedicated to ensuring clients receive quality treatments, and are empowered to continue on a path of wellness.



Soul In Fusion

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A transformational journey that began with writing a book on how the choices we make affect much more than our physical health led me to a miraculous healing and an extraordinary new life path.

Clairvoyant from a young age, but dismissed and forgotten until a few years ago. Spirit appeared and showered my life with a pink and purple mist so thick that it was almost blinding. It coloured everything I looked at in the hues of pink and purple. I was awakened!

There was no denying the presence of spirit had come to guide me to healing on all levels.

After keeping a serious autoimmune dis-ease under control for almost two decades, I was now to uncover the hidden causes of it manifesting in the first place.

 You see, illness does not happen by chance. There are underlying factors at play.

There's only so much we can do on a physical level. Treating symptoms without addressing the origin of discomfort is not healing. It is only masking problems. We have to release patterns, imprints, and other blockages to bring back flow of vital life force energy.

The energies of our thoughts and beliefs are very much part of our physical makeup and reality. It is here the work must begin for the majority of people. It was there where my own healing began.

With help and guidance of Soul, I discovered persistent negative patterns and core beliefs that needed to be transcended and transformed for my healing to complete. If I said healing from traumas was easy, I would be lying. I can say, with certainty though, that it is possible. Reiki helped me on my path to healing.

Like the saying “soul searching” implies, we have to dig deep and go even deeper to unravel the mysteries of ill-health. This place where we find ourselves sick is at the complete opposite of where we’re longing to  be—in self-love. Once we find our way here, we accept and embrace our responsibility to know wellness and reverence for all that is life.

Every day is full of choices we must make. When we choose from a conscious state, we choose with Soul. We're choosing for our best life. We no longer undermine ourselves, and we let go of internal battles to find peace within and heal.

It is only from a heart of compassion  and Love that I channel Reiki energy, correct energy imbalances, and guide you in your own journey of healing.

An intuitive open channel Holistic Health & Wellness and Holistic Weight Loss Coach—trained in Medical Intuition—I know first-hand what it means and what’s needed to take back charge of our wellness. I pledge to provide you with all the tools and support you’ll want.    

I would be honoured to connect and help empower you in healing.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher Usui Reiki, Holographic Usui Tibetan Reiki levels I, II, and III, Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching, Holistic Weight Loss Coaching, and Chakra Energy Healing. Trained in Medical Intuition, Shamanic Studies, and Healing Crystals. Published author of "Reflection of Selection." 



I connected with Jocelyne just about a year and a half ago, during a time that I was seeking guidance and healing after a challenging spiritual experience. Jocelyne offered a rare sense of understanding with unique circumstances that I was going through where others could not relate.

This provided me with a sense of trust and safety which allowed me to open up. She helped me to address blockages while administering Reiki that were holding me back that I did not recognize at the time.

During my sessions, I learnt to rest and trust in spirit guidance and receive healings.

I write this review now because my appreciation for what we had done has only deepened with time as it continues to unfold within.

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Following Reflection of Selection we’ve become more conscious. We never stop reflecting on the choices we make.

As we all strive to honor our lives by embracing our responsibility to nourish our bodies—we create a new reality, not only for ourselves but for all. It’s important we consider this when making choices.

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Holistic Health & Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching

Holistic Health & Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching

Holistic Health & Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching



Reiki Energy Healing

Holistic Health & Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching

Holistic Health & Wellness and Weight Loss Coaching



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