Colours of the aura surrounding a body


Energetic Body -- Chakra Healing


Chakra is the name given to energy centers found in and around our physical body. These are areas where energy is concentrated.


When we have a “gut feeling,” we're experiencing the energy of one of the main centers—the Solar Plexus—located three inches above our navel, relaying information to us in the form of feelings. The Heart chakra is involved when we give and receive love.


There are too many chakras to know and list here. However, there are seven major ones we need to keep balanced and clear to keep us operating at optimum capacity. These run along our spinal column starting at the base, and make their way to the top of our head where lays the Crown chakra.  


They each have a specific colour that is distributed in our energy body and make up the colourful layers of our aura.


These seven energy centers relate to the hormone producing glands of our body's endocrine system. This collection of glands regulates many bodily functions including mood, metabolism, sleep, and reproduction. Keeping our chakras vibrant is key to our physical and mental well-being.


Imbalances in any of these seven centers show up in our everyday lives as common discomforts such as headaches. Emotional wellness is also reflected, and instability in any area of our overall quality of life will affect the state of these centers.


Energy workers trained in Chakra healing can help people maintain vitality by attending to the Chakras. 


When chronic ailments or diseases are present, it is necessary to heal the Chakra(s) related to the illness before attempting any balancing work. Failing to recognize, clear and restore any dull and clogged up energy center renders Chakra balancing work incomplete. 


Physical manifestations begin in the energy field. Treating illness without clearing and strengthening the affected Chakra(s) can cause eventual recurrences, and a diminished energy level.  


Clearing and balancing the Chakras is an effective way of maintaining health of the body, mind, and spirit.


During the Chakra Light session, the energy worker manipulates the energy surrounding the client. Physical touch is minimal.  With permission crystals are placed on the body as in the Chakra Restore session to help amplify energy.


The Chakra Restore session is designed to address specific problems. First, we look at the client's overall health to determine which energy center(s) need adjusting. Once the problem area(s) is/are identified, we proceed to clearing, re-energizing and aligning. Crystals are used during this session for energy amplification, and maintenance guidelines are discussed and provided.

Energy healing an alternative medicine therapy serving Ottawa and Orléans


Clear and rose quartz on a purple fabric with a stone in the middle circle highlighted in white on the fabric

Chakra Light -- 40 minutes = C$80.00. An excellent maintenance tool and complement in Holistic Health.


We accept cash, credit and debit cards, interac e-Transfers, and PayPal.
Payment is due at time of session, or if booking online at Shop tab.

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Chakra Restore -- 60 minutes = C$99.00. A comprehensive treatment to restore flow to blocked channel(s).


We accept cash, credit and debit cards, e-Transfers, and PayPal.
Payment is due at time of session, or if booking online at the Shop tab.