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Holistic Weight Loss Coaching

“Help people return to a balanced natural state, and empower them to consciously create wellness in their lives.”

As your Holistic Weight Loss coach, my commitment to you is to help you enhance the quality of your life.

I will assist you in the creation of the steps you'll follow to bring about the necessary changes you need to make to feel well.

Change takes time and commitment. There are no magic bullets when it comes to weight loss because there are a combination of factors at play.

My job is to support you and be there every step of the way as you take back control of your wellness. This is in exchange for you committing to take yourself through to the desired outcome.

For Weight Loss coaching, the minimum coaching contract term is 6 months. Healing at this level is a very profound journey and takes time. There is some room for negotiation on how exactly the process will unfold, but the longer commitment is necessary for the new you to emerge.

Coaching Programs are only available at-a-distance until further notice.



Holistic Weight Loss Coaching with Reiki in Ottawa

Duration: 24 weeks (1 hour video conference + 60-minute time allotment for video or telephone chats per week x 24 weeks) = C$2,400.00, payable when contract is signed by both parties.
All taxes are included.
We accept cash, credit and debit cards e-Transfers, and PayPal.


"Shedding Rebirth

During the 24-week "Shedding Rebirth" coaching program, we’ll uncover the hidden causes of discomfort within the whole of your being.

I will help you recover the inner-most part of you that feels and knows wellness. I will help you learn how to make the right choices for your health, and you’ll take back control of your weight one step at a time.

I will help you discover and learn to let go of what is not serving your wellness. You’ll become empowered as you take each step necessary to regain your health and wellbeing. You’ll discover ways of self-care to help move you through buried conditioning and judgements.

As I bring you more into balance, and we work together towards acceptance and empowerment, it’ll become second nature for you to always put your wellness first.

You will form new habits, and you’ll be more than willing to take responsibility for the way you feel.

Somewhere deep within, there’s a place that knows wellness and is at peace. I will help you reconnect to this space within, for your return to a more normal state of being.

During the program, you’ll be guided to find balance. We’ll look closely at all the aspects of your life to see what needs shedding and is interfering with your wellness.

I will assist you in the creation of the goals you need to reach to ensure your Shedding Rebirth success. As your Coach, I will be there every step of the way to motivate and encourage you, and provide you with all the transformation tools you’ll need.

Begin the transformation to a new you!

“Helping people return to a balanced natural state, and empower them to consciously create wellness in their lives.”

Holistic Weight Loss Coaching offering alternative medicine therapy of Reiki serving Ottawa and Orléans.