Close-up look at top of a pink flower and seeing all the petals tightly woven in middle & widening outward

My Journey To Reiki and Holistic Health & Wellness



I was more than half-way through my book when I was hit by what I thought was another MS attack affecting my eyesight yet again.

This wasn’t like previous episodes though. There was something a bit mysterious this time. My vision had faded alright–what I was looking at was behind a pink mist. The other times my vision had faded to blackness. This time around, the vision was obstructed rather than diminished.

I would’ve never dreamed that what was actually occurring was the beginning of a profound transformation. I pretty well had mastered my physical wellness, in the sense I knew what I had to do to feel well and was fairly consistent in keeping it as such. It was—now–my non-physical aspect being addressed.

My initiation into the world of spirit had begun.

There’s a world of energy around us. It’s worth discovering and learning how some of it works. Unfortunately, the modern-day diet interferes much with this aspect of life, and the disconnection from our bodies greatly intensifies feelings of separateness from the whole. 


In taking responsibility for the very creation of life including our bodies—we know this is possible through its miraculous power to regenerate, authentic transformation unfolds. There’s no getting around it. Consciously participating in creation entails honoring the physical self.

With this realization, layers that no longer serve are discarded, and light eventually replaces the shadows we hide behind. Arriving at such a place is not an easy road mind you, but it blesses us so much more than going on thinking there’s no order, rhyme or reason to our very existence.

As my healing continues and reveals, and the fusion to the light love energy takes hold, I remain humbled and thankful.

I now feel guided to offer Reiki and other energy healing as alternative medicine therapy, along with Holistic Health & Wellness and Holistic Weight Loss Coaching. 

(This post was originally published on WordPress. Image Source: Pexels.)

Jocelyne LeBlanc

Shamanic & Reiki Practitioner

Holistic Health & Wellness and

Holistic Weight Loss Coach