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Our physical form is but one aspect of ourselves. There are many other aspects unique to each individual that, not only present in the mind and body, they’re embedded in the energetic field that surrounds each of us.

Physical symptoms associated with physical traumas in cases such as accidents will often recur if they're not cleared from the energetic field. 

Emotional traumas also create physical symptoms. These may persist until they are identified and released. 

Aspects that make up a person include those we're born with--our DNA-- others were instilled in us during childhood, and many we unconsciously latched on to along the way. 

Reiki works with all our aspects.

Keeping the energy field around our body clear is key to staying healthy throughout our physical life.

There are colourful layers of energy that make up the energetic field. This is called the "aura." It is the essence of who we are showing up in colours. It’s the energy emanating from us picked up by people in our close proximity. It's the vibes we send out, and it's the vibes we pick up from other people.

An easy way to observe how this works and affects us physically is in group settings when a particular person arrives on scene and the atmosphere dramatically changes. We may suddenly feel a disturbing heaviness, or a joyous lightness, depending on the person’s energetic vibration. Our auras sensed the person's aura and relayed the information back to us.

Discord and imbalances show up in the aura long before any physical symptoms are felt or become obvious. Imbalances occur from blockages to our Source energy flow. It's for this reason, energy work practices such as Reiki and Chakra Healing are such important components of well-being. 

Feeling well is possible when flow is restored and maintained.

In cases when illness, trauma, dis-ease, or injury exist, addressing the energetic part of our make-up is as crucial as following conventional medical advice.

Soul In Fusion Energy Work:

We all have a connection to our pure and authentic aspect—the all-knowing and loving Soul. People refer to this as the Higher Self.

I prefer to call it Soul. It's the part of us that is connected to ALL that ever was, will be, and Is.

Soul In Fusion transcends many levels to get to the heart of matters. Its focused intent is to create harmony for a more joyful and soulful life experience.

Guided by Soul, Soul In Fusion aims to bring flow to your connection with the “life force energy” for a natural state of being.

For further information on Reiki or our Chakra Healing energy work, please refer to our One-on-One tab in the header section.

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Helping you find your way to wellness

Conscious co-creating for a more natural you

Coaching and supporting you in achieving your wellness goals 


Help people return to a balanced natural state, and empower them to consciously create wellness in their lives.”

Have you arrived at a place in your life where you’d love to make some changes but feel you need a little support to guide you through the process?


Are you feeling discontentment—but you’re not sure why—let alone what you should do about it?

If you’ve answered yes to either of the above questions, I would like to commend you for stopping long enough to sense Soul 's whispers.

In coming to the realization you need to address something in your life, you’ve acknowledged your willingness to let go of what is no longer working for you.  When you choose Soul in Fusion for your wellness goals, you are reaching out to your highest potential.

There are many reasons people lose their wellness in the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. Many don’t have time to figure out what steps they need to take to bring about the necessary changes they seek for themselves.

This is how a Coach is helpful. I do the background work for you.  First, I will lead you on a journey of self-discovery to find out what needs to be transformed. Some of you already know it is your physical health, your mental state, your spirit, or other areas you want to make changes in. Together, we’ll look at all the aspects of wellness and see how they are being cultivated in your life.

From there, you’re the one who decides where you want to go and how you want to get there. My role is to assist you in developing the strategies to get you where you need to go. I will support you by providing guidelines and effective techniques to successfully overcome obstacles. I will be there guiding you through the steps you take as you transform and achieve your goals to wellness.


Are you or anyone you know struggling to lose weight? There are proven ways to help people return to a normal weight. It is not rocket science and it’s not as complicated as it’s made out to be.

Often times, this involves a lifestyle change because keeping what’s been is no longer an option. Reaching out to a Coach to help with this is an important first step in taking back control of your weight.

Choosing Soul In Fusion for your Holistic Weight Loss Coaching gives you greater advantage because Reiki is included in our weight loss programs.

Losing weight is a profound healing journey.

From my own research into health, observation and experience, I bring the perspective that losing weight and maintaining a normal weight comes down to making healthier choices. You'll be guided on how to listen to your body, and you will learn how to put your wellness first.

These simple steps appear hard at first only because we're not accustomed to them. In time, they become second nature.

Again—as your Holistic Weight Loss Coach—I will guide you through the necessary steps to achieve your weight loss goals. We’ll find out what needs to be released and transformed for the body to return to a normal metabolism and weight.

If you are prepared to make a commitment to be accountable for your health, I will support and give you the tools to get you to a better quality of life.

To find out more about our Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching or our Holistic Weight Loss Coaching programs, please refer to the One-on-One tab in the header section.

"Fallen" by Patricia Srigley could be interpreted as depicting a Shamanic practice.

Artwork "Fallen" by Patricia Srigley

Shamanism in Healing


The word “Shaman” originates from a word meaning “seer.”

People known as Shamans are often called other names such as medicine man or woman and healer. A Shaman is someone who is able to perceive altered states of consciousness to retrieve important information, and is often regarded as someone who knows.

Shamans believe all life is sacred—and because of this love and respect for all living things—bonds with nature and animal spirits are formed to help them access power and knowledge.

Shamans enter heightened states of consciousness by using drums, rattles, and dance. They do this to retrieve needed information to help others and themselves.

People who are Shamans are naturally drawn to the study of plants, animals, the elements—air, earth, fire and water—and all spiritual matters.

Historically, Shamans were doctors, advisors, and predictors. Among many of their skills, they knew what plants to use in treating illnesses, and were able to foretell weather. They would direct their tribes in many matters including successful hunts and relocation.

Today Shamans are needed more than ever to help guide humanity to a more peaceful and cooperative existence with all that is life. Too many humans have lost their connection to the world around them. People have forgotten they’re part of the whole, and that what they do affects all creation.

Shamans, on the other hand, are very much aware and embrace their role and responsiblity to the whole. Their work includes service to all of humanity and—in this context—a lot of their work is done behind the scenes, just as when people pray and wish well to all. 

For further information, please refer to Shamanism under the  One-On-One tab in the header section.

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