Collage print "Fallen" by Patricia Srigley of a person sitting on their bent legs on the ground looking down at the face of someone's head they 're holding in their hands who is laying down in front of them.

"Fallen" by Patricia Srigley

Power Animal Retrieval


Whether we know it or not, throughout our lives, animal spirits have helped us. We all have love in our hearts for a certain specie. There are cat lovers, dog lovers, bird lovers, etc. This could mean that one of those is our Power Animal or that it comes from the same specie.

Power Animals present themselves here and there in our physical world. If we pay close attention, wild animal sightings may be revealing our Power Animal's identity and be bringing us messages.   

The Shamanic journey of Power Animal Retrieval is undertaken to reconnect a client with a "guardian" spirit that may have left or been lost. Power loss is observed in depression and illness.

Recovering a client's Power Animal helps empower them by knowing they have help and are not alone. Other animal spirits will sometimes volunteer to help in response to the Shamanic Practitioner's intervention. This will connect us with the attributes of those animal spirits who will assist in healing. In combination with our intention to consciously access their qualities and abilities, we’re able to move through obstacles and gain strengths to help us along the way.

During this Shamanic practice, the Shamanic Practitioner enters another state of consciousness to connect with their own helping spirits, to go find the client’s Power Animal. Once the connection is made and the animal spirit has agreed to help you, the Shamanic Practitioner returns and brings your Power Animal's spirit to you, and any others who may have volunteered to help. The animal spirits will remain close until ihey are no longer needed.


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Total appointment time: 30 minutes.

Reconnecting with your Power Animal can give you an edge when facing challenges and bring you peace and joy.  A journey into divination is sometimes needed to access important healing information


head shot up to shoulders of ablack bear looking at camera.

Black Bear--Courage, Health, Rebirth, Transformation

Power Animals

Close-up shot of a lion laying on a wooden surface with front paws hanging over looking at camera.

Lion--Authority, Fearlessness, Strength, Wisdom

Photo of a white rabbit in the grass.

Rabbit--Awareness, Fertility, Prosperity, Luck

Shamanic Journeying

Side glance of a bald eagle's head.

Powerful Ally

Shamanic Journeying & Divination


In Shamanic Journeying, the Shamanic Practitioner  journeys to another consciousness to connect with their helping spirits. Once there, they’ll inquire about the concerns of their client, and find out what it is the client needs to be aware of.

The Shamanic Practitioner journeys to three worlds—the upper world, the middle world and the lower world—and which depends on where the answer to the query will come from.

This shamanic practice is available upon request. In some cases, it may be recommended by Soul In Fusion as the pproach necessary to best resolve the particular issue a client may be facing.

Physical participation of the client is not required during this process. Once the query has been made, the Shamanic Practitioner will set aside the time to undertake the journey on behalf of the client. The information gathered will then be relayed to the client via telephone or video chat.

Although Soul In Fusion is always connected to other consciousness, it will sometimes be helpful to undertake a shamanic journey to enlist the assistance of helping spirits to help empower a client. 


Shamanic Journeying--Sacred Connections

Power Animal Retrieval -- 20-30 minutes = C$50.00.
Divination Journey -- 30 minutes = C$50.00.

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payable at time of session or if booking online under the Shop tab.