Wolf Spirit Animal Here For You Now


An intuitive Courageous Cooperative Guide has stepped up to help with our safe passage through this time of uncertainty.

I wasn’t sure which of the two animals—Bear or Wolf—was presenting itself to help us navigate these uncertain times. I kept seeing Bear and thought it made sense given the ferocious protector Bear is, but it was Wolf Spirit who showed up.

Wolf is with us for as long as we need.

I believe Wolf showed up because many of its qualities will prove invaluable to us during the crisis we find ourselves in.

Much like Tiger who’s with us for 2020, Wolf is an extremely intelligent and patient animal. Wolf knows how to stay safe and clear of danger. Top-of-the-food chain predator in the West, Wolf is important in keeping ecosystems healthy.

Wolf helps other species thrive. Perhaps humans could take a cue from Wolf and realize we exist to help others as we help ourselves. This pertains to all lives we interact with while here on Earth. We learn these things especially when we are faced with difficulties. We are now being reminded we’re really not at the top, we are part of the whole. 

We can draw on Wolf’s intuitive nature to help sharpen our own intuition. We do this by learning to be quiet and tapping into our inner-being and listening to our gut feelings about situations.

Like Wolf, we need to rely on our instincts and use the power of discernment in all our decision-making processes to make sure we’re successful. 

Part of the survival instincts of Wolf is knowing how to, and when to act by exercising patience and being observant and aware.

A strong vocal communicator, Wolf vocalization reaches far distances to alert and inform others of its location and territory. Drawing on this skill of Wolf will help us communicate effectively with each other. People can be distracted in times of apprehension, and being able to communicate our needs, wants, and boundaries serves our security. 

A symbol of freedom and independence; Wolf families work as a unit.

The emotionally stable and loyal Wolf has strong emotional connections, and is very much involved in community. It’s at the community level where most problems are tackled. We see this when Wolf is out hunting for its food.

From the above, we can know how Wolf’s strength, courage and abilities are needed and will be helpful. We are being called to cooperate and accept our responsibility to the whole.

Thank Wolf for being here to guide and keep us alert and safe as we venture into unknown territory.